6 symptoms of high blood sugar Warning signs of diabetes

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6 symptoms of high blood sugar Warning signs of diabetes. What kind of symptoms must you careful of!!

Hyperglycemia can occur in people with diabetes. In the early stages of the condition, symptoms may not be noticed. And some people haven’t even known ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app they have high blood sugar for years. However, if high blood sugar is left chronic. It can harm blood vessels and lead to long-term health problems, such as affecting the eyes, heart, and kidneys.

Hyperglycemia in the initial stages Symptoms can so severe that some people don’t realize. They have warning signs of diabetes. And the lack of symptoms is one reason why so many people go undiagnosed with diabetes. But what if we have been diagnosed with diabetes and are experiencing these symptoms? It may be a sign that behavioral changes are needed and proper treatment is needed.

6 symptoms of high blood sugar

1. Excessive thirst

     One important function of the kidneys is to help control levels. Normally, the kidneys filter excess glucose from the blood and reabsorb it. Therefore, urine should contain little or no glucose. But if we have high blood sugar levels This process directly affects the kidneys. This is because the kidneys will have to work harder to absorb the excess glucose. To maintain balanced blood sugar levels Our kidneys must pull fluid from tissues to dilute the sugar and excrete more glucose through the urine.

     And the more fluid our body tissues lose, the more fluid they lose. The more you drink, the more you’ll want to drink. If we notice that no matter. How much we drink, we still feel very thirsty or that our mouth and throat are very dry. This could be a sign of high blood sugar.

2. Urinating more often

     Go to the bathroom more often especially at night It may be a sign of high blood sugar. This is because our kidneys pull excess water from the tissues to dilute and remove it through the urine. As a result, we often go to the bathroom. If we experience this condition, try considering the food that was last eaten before going to bed. Foods high in carbohydrates can cause nighttime hyperglycemia.

3. Increased hunger

     When there is too much sugar in the bloodstream It will cause the cells in our body to lack energy. This makes us feel hungrier than usual. However, the food we eat at every meal is important because of our blood sugar levels. Because the more carbohydrates we consume, The higher your blood sugar will be, the higher it will be.

4. Can’t see clearly

     high blood sugar levels It causes the body to pull fluid out of the tissues. This includes the eye lens. This can affect our ability to focus on what we are looking at. and may lead to blurry vision

5. Get infected more easily than before

     If our immune system doesn’t work well It may be the result. This makes us more likely to become infected. There are also some bacteria that live in high-sugar environments. And these germs may grow in our bodies. When we have too high levels.

6. Erectile and reproductive dysfunction

     Males with diabetes are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction than males without diabetes. One reason this happens is that damages vessels need to create or maintain an erection. In the female High blood sugar levels can affect fertility and may cause problems during pregnancy. There may be risks such as miscarriage and abnormalities in the fetus. preeclampsia fetal death