Health Benefits of Honey.

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Honey may also help prevent heart disease. According to one review, honey may help lower blood pressure, improve blood fat levels, regulate your heartbeat. And prevent the death of healthy cells. All factors that can improve your heart function and health.

One observational study, including over 4,500 people over 40 associated a moderate intake. With a lower risk of high blood pressure among women. A rodent study also showed that honey helped protect the heart from oxidative stress. UFABET 

Additionally, raw typically contains propolis, a resin that bees produce from sap-producing trees and similar plants. Propolis may improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

All told, there’s no long-term human study available on honey and heart health. More research is needed to understand honey’s effects on heart health better.

Promotes burn and wound healing

There is a historical precedent for the use of topical treatment for wound and burn healing. The practice is still common today.

A review of 26 studies on honey and wound care found it most effective at healing partial-thickness burns and wounds. That have become infected after surgery.

Manuka honey, specifically, may have positive applications in burn treatments. However, if you have a severe burn, home remedies are not a viable substitute for emergency care. And you should seek medical attention immediately.

Researchers theorize that honey’s healing powers come from its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.