Bruno Fernandes escapes penalty after slapping linesman in the back.

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British sports media have reported that Bruno Fernandes will escape a FA penalty despite a slap on the assistant referee’s back.

Manchester United suffered their worst defeat since unboxing in 1931. After they lost 7-0 to Liverpool on Sunday in the Premier League.

However, in the second half at Anfield. The last match, there was a camera moment to catch Bruno’s behavior trying to get the ball back from Trent Alexander-Arnold. Before the Portuguese midfielder was dissatisfied. He used his hand to hit the lineman’s back instead UFABET

In addition, Bruno has also been involved in many troubled rhythms. But survived a severe punishment. That expelled from the field Until after the game many critics came out to blame.

However, in that case, Sky Sports say Fernandes will not be penalized even if Andy Madley witnesses the incident. Because the referee and the assistant did not write in the report.

Unlike the Referees Advocacy Organization. Which issued a statement saying they deserved a five-match ban for Bruno’s behavior in the last game. Because it is unforgivable in professional football and there are children all over the world watching it.

Contrary to former referee Dermot Gallagher, Bruno Fernandes was not penalized at the time. Because he saw the referee spread his arms first and block the way. Causing the players to become frustrated. And the moment when the hand aims to parry just as the lineman turns back. The picture comes out like that.