PSG decided to send Neymar for ankle surgery.

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PSG decides to send Neymar for ankle surgery. That was confirmed in a statement on Monday. Neymar sprained his ankle during Paris Saint-Germain’s 4-3 win over Lille on February 19. As a result, the player missed out on helping the agency since then.

Most recently, PSG confirmed that from continuous consideration and consultation with the medical team. All parties agreed to send Neymar for ankle surgery to repair damaged ligaments.

The operation will take place at ASPETAR Hospital in Doha. With Neymar expected to take three to four months to recover before returning to training. This means that the players have already closed this season. And will be able to extend until the pre-season of the new season UFABET

This case is considered a thorough decision because the club sees. That if the surgery players are now more good in the long run.

The most expensive footballer in the world He injured his right ankle and spread to his right foot, which was scanned for fractures from the Ligue 1 game that PSG won 3-0 against Marseille on Sunday night.

At first, coach Unai Emery came out and said he was still not sure whether Neymar would Undergoing surgery or not, but Father Neymar Sr. wants his son to undergo surgery. Because it will recover faster.

The latest Ligue leader team has confirmed via the club website. that he had decided with the Brazilian national team to agree that Neymar would undergo surgery with this weekend in Brazil by Dr. Rodrigo Lasmar

Neymar is expected to have a minimum of two months of treatment and will return to the field as soon as possible. is early May