Return To Player: RTP Explained

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In this article we are going to take a look at an acronym. That not enough casino players pay attention to. What exactly does RTP mean and why should you care?

If you enjoy a little action at the casino, playing the slots or any other online casino games. It’s important to understand what RTP – Return To Player – means. And why it varies so much from game to game.

The RTP is basically the amount of money you can expect to get back when playing a casino game. It’s usually given as a percentage. The Return to Player on a typical land-based slot normally ranges between 70% to 90%. At an online casino, that average number would be considerably higher; usually at least 94% UFABET 

Under the rules and regulations of the Gambling Commission. Online casino game suppliers must monitor the performance of their games to ensure they meet the performance requirements. The games are subject to an annual audit and businesses face sanctions if they break the rules.

If you are playing at a reputable online casino. Operating to the stringent Gambling Commission rules. You can rest assured that the RTP is accurate. The performance must match the theoretical. After a million plays, the margin of RTP error must be 1.09760% or less.