Soboslai reveals about his use of number 8.

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Liverpool midfielder Dominic Soboslai has revealed. Why he opted for the No.8 shirt and a tattoo inspired by the words of club legend Steven Gerrard.

Star of the Hungarian national team Moved to football at Anfield for a fee of 60 million pounds. And will wear the number 8 shirt that used to belong to Gerrard. Which Soboslai reveals the result of using this number. Including the tattoo on the arm from the words of this legend as well.

“There is no special reason. But of course it’s a great number. Many great players use this number. And I also got a tattoo from Steven Gerrard. What he said – I don’t remember when. It is the reason why,” said Sobozlai.

“When I was young To be honest I don’t watch much football. But when it comes to the Champions League I follow and he is one of the biggest players UFABET

As for the tattoo, it is read in Hungarian as “Talent is a blessing from the heavens. But without full determination, it’s worthless.”

In addition, Soboslai also revealed that Having a Hungarian tattoo that comes from Gerrard’s words. “Talent is a blessing from God. But without determination and humility It’s worth nothing.” On his left arm is another reason for his decision to opt for the No. 8 shirt.